Revs II

Final: Richmond 2, Revolution II 1 — Revs II still looking for first win after Kraft slides Kickers ahead late

WHO: Richmond Kickers at Revolution II
WHERE: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.
WHEN: 7 p.m.
WHAT’S UP: New England’s third division side managed to score their first goals of the campaign last weekend… can they get their first win? They’ll have the opportunity to do that tonight when they host Richmond at The House That Brady Built.

We’re underway from Gillette. Your starting lineups and benches are available, and your match notes are below the running tally. Updates are periodic.

1′ Great attack by the Revs within the first 30 seconds. Angking dribbled in and found the overlapping Quinones, and the youngster basically taps it to Fitzgerald, the Richmond keeper.

5′ Looks like Angking took a football to the melon… referee checked him out. He’s good to go.

7′ Firmino with a couple of fouls there. Like his aggressiveness.

8′ Nice tackle by Maciel to reclaim possession there.

9′ WOAH. Close for Richmond as Mwape has tons of room over on the left… he centers and the shot goes off the woodwork.

12′ Corner to Richmond…. Verfurth cleared it away for a Kickers throw. Concerned with the space Revs II are giving over on that left-hand side.

14′ Corner to the Revs. Great service by Fujiwara, but Revs can’t get the ball on frame. Sounds familiar.

15′ Meyer with the save.

17′ Firmino’s shot blocked.

19′ Nice movement by Richmond and a great through ball, but it has too much pace behind it and it’s a goal kick for Meyer.

20′ Firmino with a shot that he got just under… and it ends up in the Banner End stands.

25′ Sheesh, a second shot off the woodwork for Richmond. Bolduc made the crossbar shiver and sent the termites scurrying…

26′ WIDE. Richmond looking peckish for goal as that shot from the top of the box curls away from the far post.

30′ Hydration break.

32′ Back underway.

34′ Nice block on a cross by Quinones!… other way, Angking with a drive, just wide of the near post from distance.

36′ Verfurth whistled for a foul, and it’s be a free kick to Richmond out on the flank.

38′ Foul by Maciel. Free kick.

39′ And that was close as Magalhães tries to get a boot on it following a neat off the ball run.

40′ Verfurth blocks! That was close, but Verfurth was there.

41′ Angking goes down a little too easy in the box as he dances away out of trouble.

42′ Hey, Sinclair touched the ball….. he’s been rather silent so far.

45′ Maciel loses it, but the Revs get it back… one minute minimum added on.

45+2′ Offside on Richmond after that free kick

45+3′ Half

Sweens’ thoughts:

Tough for the Revs in the final third. 58 percent of the ball so far, one shot on target. Verfurth has been the savior in the back.

Second Half Underway

46′ Early free kick in a fangerous area as Sinclair holds up play well and draws a foul. Firmino and Spaulding over the ball…. right into the wall.

51′ So close for Richmond. Mwape volleys to Pavone, and he heads it over the bar. Might have even been unmarked.

53′ GOAL RICHMOND, and it’s Terzaghi with his fourth goal of the year. Terzaghi had two Revs players on him, and he got enough space to slip it past Meyer. Nice threading of the needle by Pavone on the assist. 1-nil to the Kickers.

56′ A couple of Richmond shots, one blocked, one deflected wide for a corner.

58′ Referee Hao Zhong getting stretched out by the Revs II training staff.

59′ Meyer picks the corner out of the air and distributes to Bell.

60′ Nice aggressiveness by Fujiwara to dispossess. Really liking what I’m seeing out of him.

61′ Corner to the Revs. Fujiwara and Rivera comes off, Malango and Mendonça on. Good shift by Fujiwara.

63′ Sinclair fires just wide. Nice counter.

65′ Corner to Richmond after a lazy back pass from Spaulding did nothing but go over the end line.

66′ Lay off by Angking goes into the Banner End off the boot of a Kicker. Couple of subs for Richmond. Cuomo being one of them for Pavone, Bolanco for Mwape.

68′ Easy shot by Sinclair, right to Fitzgerald.

69′ Cuomo is cautioned for a foul on Mendonça.

71′ Corner won by Malango as he motors around the right back and the ball is cleared over the end line.

71′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and it’s Mayele Malango with a beautiful curler off the short corner. Spaulding passed it, Malango dribbled through traffic and he curls it in. You beauty! 1-1

75′ Hydration break

77′ MEYER! Huge save as he races off his line and denies Tergazhi. Sinclair is off, Presley on.

78′ Mendonça is booked after he takes down Kraft from behind. Good professional foul.

79′ Angking off, Kaoru Fujiwara on.

82′ GOAL RICHMOND, and Riley Kraft scores at the back post, as he slides in and slips it past Meyer. He had half a second quicker jump on that than the Revs II defender. 2-1 Kickers.

88′ Spaulding shoots toward the near post, saved by Fitzgerald.

90′ Ackwei in for Tergazhi. Five minutes minimum added on.

90+3′ Big save Meyer to keep it a one-goal game as Ackwei dribbles in and tries to beat him on the long side, but it’s a kick save and a beauty.

90+5′ Corner to Richmond.

Full Time

For Revs II:

Meyer; Verfurth, Spaulding, Bell, Quinones; Firmino, Maciel, H. Fujiwara; Rivera, Sinclair, Angking
Bench: Rice, Metsack, Shimazaki, Mendonça, K. Fujiwara, Presley, Malango

Keegan Meyer will make his pro debut in front of the onion bag. Colby Quinones gets his second straight start in the back, with Hikaru Fujiwara of Lexington in the midfield along with Maciel and Nicolas Firmino. Isaac Angking gets the start after his two-goal performance last weekend.

For Richmond:

Fitzgerald; Antley, Magalhães, Venter, Thomsen; Falck, Kraft, Terzaghi; Mwape, Pavone, Bolduc
Bench: Johnston, Ackwei, Cuomo, Pinto, Boehme, Bolanos, Boateng

Richmond sits third in the League One table at 2-1-1, while Revs II sits 11th — dead last — at 0-1-2. Revs II are coming off a 3-3 draw against defending champs North Texas last weekend, where a second-half stoppage time goal by the champs made New England share the spoils. The Kickers are coming off a 2-1 win over FC Tucson last Saturday.

Emiliano Terzaghi has three goals on the season for Richmond. Akira Fitzgerald has 12 saves in front of the onion bag for the Kickers, to go with two clean sheets.

Dennis Ramirez and Simon Lekressner are both listed as OUT on the Revs II injury report. We heard that Lekressner was out for the remainder of the year; no word on the Waltham resident’s status for the remainder of the year. Both injuries are non-disclosed.

Tonight is the first of three games in the next eight days for The Little Lads In Blue, as they’ll host Greenville on Wednesday before headed to Chattanooga on Saturday.

Revolution II goalkeeper Joe Rice played with Richmond last season. Rice, Revs II defender Ryo Shimazaki, and Richmond midfielder Greg Boehme were teammates at VCU.

Richmond forward Stanley Alves played with Revs II striker Mayele Malango at UMass-Lowell.

It’ll be a homecoming of sorts for Richmond head coach Darren Sawatzky and his sporting director Rob Ukrop, who played for the first two Revolution first teams in 1996 and 1997.

Colby Quinones became the first active Revolution Academy player to start a Revs II match last weekend.

Isaac Angking made the League One Team of the Week this week for his two second-half goals against North Texas.

Revs II have moved up to ninth in the league’s power rankings. Richmond is third.

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