Revs II

Final: Revs II 0, Union Omaha 0 — Points are shared in both sides’ League One debuts

WHO: Revolution II vs. Union Omaha
WHERE: Gillette Stadium
WHEN: Saturday, June 25, 5 p.m.
WHAT’S UP: The USL League One side takes its maiden bow this afternoon, and the opponent is another newcomer to the American third division in Union Omaha.

We are underway from Gillette. Your starting lineups and benches are live below the live feed, and your match notes are below. Periodic updates to follow.

4′ Free kick by Omaha goes through the 18-yard box without touching a white shirt. Comes after a Maciel turnover in the midfield.

7′ Good cross after the switching of the point of the attack, but Omaha gets it out of danger.

9′ Malengo offside after Spaulding and Firmino tries to feed him on that left side. Omaha nice and tight in the middle third, not giving a lot of space.

12′ Mendonça with a dispossession and sends the Revs the other way, and they have space… but Omaha has wheels and they get back to clear after Presley crosses.

13′ Free kick for Revs II after Mendonça is fouled. He’s a big boy.

14′ Presley with the kick and gets it to the 6, Verfurth is just shy of getting a boot onto it.

15′ Firmino with the chip after a giveaway in the back, just wide.

16′ Free kick for Omaha…. over the bar and into The Fort. That was a laser beam by Viader.

21′ Mendonça with a shot from distance that curls wide.

24′ Late flag as Sinclair might as well have been in Downtown Wrentham on that service. He slotted home anyway.

25′ Firmino just gets up after getting knocked down.

29′ Conway with the first shot on target for Omaha, he had space out on the left there, and his shot is handled easily by Rice.

31′ I don’t know what Rice was doing there, but he gets fouled hard for his trouble, and it’s time for the hydration break.

33′ We’re back underway. Verfurth playing well with the exception of one mid-timed tackle, but it’s a corner to Omaha after Verfurth clears the trash… headed over for a goal kick.

35′ We’re in a technical difficulties mode with the ESPN+ stream.

40′ According to the USL League One live text, Jon Bell has been booked for a rash challenge…. same minute, Conway is saved by Rice.

43′ Maciel has a shot that missed.

45′ Three minutes minimum added on… the stream comes back just after the halftime whistle.

Second half is underway. Revs II get us started, and they’ll head toward The Fort.

46′ Shimazaki in for Lekressner, first sub of the afternoon for the Revs.

51′ Dangerous counter as a giveaway in the middle sends play toward the Banner End. Verfurth clears out the trash again.

52′ Big Omaha shot blocked by Malango. There’s shouts for a handle, nothing doing.

54′ Contreras goes into the book after a late challenge on Mendonça.

58′ Nice attack by Omaha, but Contreras cannot connect.

60′ Nuhu with a stop on Malango’s lob into the box.

63′ Corner to the Revs after some nice combo play by Spaulding and Presley… short corner sees Spaulding flick it in, and Maciel puts it over the bar… and here goes the stream again.

70′ Some corners have been taken according to the live feed on USL’s website. And Trevor Burns is in for Mendonça. Liked his presence.

71′ Apparently a big save by Rice. Don’t know. Can’t see it.

75′ Two subs for Omaha. N’For for Vanacore, Ibisevic for Mare.

78′ Stream is back, and Malango is hurt. Looks like a non-contact injury for the Lowell resident. Harrison Hall out to look at him. He had a solid shot, apparently.

79′ Looks like Mayele is good to go.

81′ Corner to the Revs after Firmino pops the ball off a defender and over the end line….

82′ SHIMAZAKI. He has a go from distance that made Nuhu rise to pop it over the bar.

84′ Another corner as Spaulding makes things happen.

85′ Two more subs for Omaha. Panchot and Sousa coming on for Contreras and Conway, respectively.

86′ Don’t know what happened. The stream blipped out.

89′ Corner to Omaha as it tries to get something going…. lob goes to Rice.

90′ Lexington’s Fujiwara on for Firmino…. five minutes minimum added on.

90+1′ Fujiwara looks to feed Presley, but the touch is too long… Omaha goes right down, and it’s offside.

90+3′ Trevor Burns with a brutal takedown, and he gets shown a yellow piece of plastic.

90+5′ Sinclair with a cross through the box, no one there to get it. Nice run beforehand by Malango… Sinclair gets yellowed for a professional foul after a turnover.

90+6′ N’For with a Buksa-like header, but Rice makes the stop.

90+7′ Another foul by the Revs, this time Verfurth with the foul…. and there’s the full time whistle.

For Revs II, their first XI:

Rice; Spaulding, Verfurth, Bell, Lekressner; Firmino, Maciel, Mendonça; Malango, Sinclair, Presley
Bench: Meyer, Bloch, Shimazaki, Burns, K. Fujiwara, Ronilson Mendes, Tsicoulias

Joe Rice gets the start in goal with the 4-3-3 in front of them. Nicolas Firmino, the Homegrown signing, gets the start at the No. 10. Lowell’s Mayele Malango gets the start, too, in the attack.

For Union Omaha (jersey): Nuhu (24), Osumanu (28), Knutson (13), Hauswirth (2), Viader (3), David (6), Boyce (20), Contreras (10), Conway (11), Vanacore-Decker (7), Mare (23)
Bench: Aune, Crull, Sousa, Panchot, Ibisevic, Nfor, Howard

Only Waltham’s Dennis Ramirez is listed as out on the Revs II injury report with an undisclosed injury.

We don’t expect Attleborough’s Nick Woodruff, who signed in January, to take part as he was not on the roster.

Looking like Omaha will play the long ball over the top, according to midfielder Tiago Mendonça. The Revs will need to win those second balls.

According to the roster, 10 Massachusetts natives who play in the Revs Academy are listed as potential players available for selection, including this year’s Revs Academy Player of the Year in Trevor Burns.

Revs II were 1-2-1 during the preseason, including a win over Hartford Athletic.

A number of Revs II players were former teammates of Omaha players in lower division and collegiate soccer: Ryo Shimazaki was teammates with Omaha’s Kobe Perez with South Georgia Tormenta 2, Revs midfielder Ryan Spaulding played USL Championship with Austin Panchot at North Carolina FC.

A few names we’ve cherry-picked from the USL League One preview that you’ll want to be away of for Omaha: Sebastian Contreras, Damia Viader, and Xavier Gomez “all represent good, veteran options in midfield who can possess the ball and dictate the pace.”

Like in MLS and other leagues around the world, USL League One will have five subs available per side, per match.

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