New England Revolution Revs II

Final: Revolution II 4, Richmond Kickers 0 — Second team holds Kickers scoreless, streak now at 352 minutes

THE TEAMS: Revolution II at Richmond Kickers
THE SITE: City Stadium, Richmond, Virginia
THE TIME: 6:30 p.m.
THE SKINNY: Los Revitos are in search of their third straight win Saturday evening, and they’ll look to get it against Richmond on the road.

We are underway. Starting lineups and benches are live, and your match notes are below. Updates are periodic.

NOTE: As the second half of this match coincides with the first half of New England-Nashville in Major League Soccer, will will come back to watch the second half of this game after we file on the first team. Hence, semi-live.

1′ Terzaghi is down on the opening attack after Mendonça gets him and trips him up as the former Friar dispossesses…. and he’s up.

4′ Pavon puts it over the bar, a close attack by Richmond.

6′ Maciel with a mis-timed tackle, and it’s a free kick to Richmond about 28 yards away.

13′ Jon Bell on that clearance after Quinones tried to poke at the ball, and he had to chase after the attacker. Bell cuts the cross down and sends play the other way.

15′ Both teams still trying to feel each other out. About even so far, possession wise.

16′ First corner of the night goes to Los Revitos.

19′ Firmino with the first Revs shot, and it goes wide.

20′ Corner to Richmond after good defending by Quinones.

22′ Free kick to Richmond…. WIDE. Headed just wide. So close.

23′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and it’s being credited to Orlando Sinclair! Lots of pressure sees Sinclair head it off a Richmond defender. Goes Presley to Firmino to Mendonça; Mendonça measured the volley before he sent it into the 6. 1-nil to Los Revitos. UPDATE: Own goal.

27′ ALMOST by Mendonça as he heads Presley’s cross over the bar. Needs to be better there.

29′ ALMOST by Richmond on that cross, Bell gets a boot on it, Maciel cleared to Mendonça.

30′ PENALTY TO REVOLUTION II. Quinones is tripped up in the penalty area. Firmino to take it.

31′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and Nicolas Firmino puts the Revs ahead, 2-nil, beating Fitzgerald at the far post. That’s his third goal of the season.

33′ Back underway following the hydration break.

34′ Good counter off a Bell stoppage fizzles out. Spaulding with a volley to no one.

36′ JR with a cut back, his shot blocked…. OMG, turnover by Richmond, Firmino with the shot… OFF THE CROSSBAR. Should be 3-nil.

39′ Terzaghi spins around Spaulding and shoots weakly. Meyer handles it…. another turnover by Revs II, shot wide by Richmond.

45′ Three minutes minimum added on.

45+3′ Rennicks blocked for a second time…. Quinones booked for a foul from behind on Mwape. Professional foul by the 17-year-old.


Sweens’ Halftime Thoughts and some numbers:

Revs with the halftime lead, but in my view, Richmond has been threatening. Jon Bell, playing out of his socks defensively. Really impressed with him tonight.

Revitos with 47.6 percent possession. 9 shots, two on-target (both scored). Three shots are blocked. They are peckish tonight.

OK, switching hats. We’ll finish the Revs II running feed after we file the first team report.

10:30 p.m. OK, we’re back after the Revs and a quickie tomato snack. The semi-live coverage resumes.

Second Half “Underway”

46′ Subs for Richmond includes Newton Norh grad Stanley Alves. Free kick to the Revs out on the flank.

48′ Bell moves over to deny Richmond after the Kickers have a quick restart.

50′ Corner to the Revs.

51′ ALMOST for Orlando Sinclair, he takes a couple of touches and looks to curl it in, but it goes over the bar.

53′ MEYER. Huge bid as Terzaghi nearly shakes Bell, and Meyer pops the shot over the bar for a corner.

55′ Terzaghi is allegedly clipped by Bell, he exaggerates his fall… and he complains for a pen, or a free kick, whichevs.

58′ Richmond makes its third sub. Kewsele on for Kraft, the match-winning goal scorer the first time these two sides met.

59′ Close for Firmino, as he gets his boot on a cross, but it’s right at Fitzgerald.

60′ Last call for adult beverages at City Stadium.

61′ Good counter by the Revs, good switch by Firmino, but the attack goes for naught.

62′ JR with a poke, deflected off a Richmond player for a corner.

63′ Sinclair boots it into the stands.

64′ Alves nearly scored against his hometown side…. a nice cross, but the finish was a smidge off. He shook Spaulding to get free.

68′ Free kick for the Revs as Firmino draws a foul.

70′ Rivera in for the Revs, replacing Presley. Mwape out for Richmond, Anderson replaces him.

71′ Corner to Richmond.

72′ Foul on the Revs by Quinones

73′ Header offline, Meyer gets it.

75′ Hydration break.

77′ Back underway.

80′ Corner to Richmond…. comes to nothing. Other way, Firmino shot, save Fitzgerald.

81′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and it’s Justin Rennicks! He leaps and heels Firmino’s cross from the end line and in, putting New England ahead, 3-nil.

82′ Firmino comes off, Fujiawara on, and Malango coming on for Rennicks.

83′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and this time it’s Damian Rivera with his account opener! He dragged it left and booted it over Fitzgerald’s right shoulder with his left. 4-nil.

84′ Sinclair off, Silva in. Shimazaki in for Quinones

86′ Rivera went with the right this time, right at Fitzgerald.

90′ Three minutes minimum added on…. and they just awarded Rennicks’ goal as an own goal.

90+3′ Big save by Meyer.

Full time

For Revs II:

Meyer; Spaulding, Bell, Verfurth, Quinones; Maciel, Mendonça, Firmino; Presley, Sinclair, Rennicks
Bench: Tibbetts, Souza, Shimazaki, Silva, Rivera, H. Fujiwara, Malango

For Richmond:

Fitzgerald; Thomsen, Magalhães, Venter, Ackwei; Falck, Kraft, Terzaghi; Diosa, Pavone, Mwape
Bench: Johnston, Pinto, Boehme, Balanos, Kwesele, Alves

The Revs enter this League One tilt on a 262-minute shutout streak.

Like the Revs, Richmond is on a two-match winning streak following a 2-1 win over Fort Lauderdale and a 1-0 win over Union Omaha.

Richmond are 4-0-0 at home this season and have outscored their guests, 7-3.

After tonight, the Revolution have four matches remaining. New England comes into the match in ninth, while Richmond is second and in the playoffs as it stands.

Joe Rice is out for the remainder of 2020 with a meniscus tear. We’re expecting 2020 SuperDraft selection Keegan Meyer to step in front of the onion bag.

Nicholas Firmino (989), Maciel (977), and Jon Bell (990) are expected to surpass 1,000 minutes tonight.

Damian Rivera is 33 minutes from 500 played.

Academy product Hikaru Fujiwara is 31 minutes from 200 played.

Orlando Sinclair is nine minutes from 800 played.

Collin Verfurth is 38 minutes from 900 played.

Ryan Spaulding is 68 minutes from 800 played.

Richmond goalkeeper Akira Fitzgerald picked up his third clean sheet of the season against Omaha.

Emiliano Terzaghi leads the Kickers — and League One — with nine goals.

Richmond’s Stanley Alves was a teammate of Mayele Malango at UMass-Lowell after graduating from Newton North High., where he was a Bay State League and Eastern Mass. All-Star.

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