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Final: Revolution 1, DC United 0 — New England now at four straight wins over DC United, unbeaten streak to seven

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THE TEAMS: Revolution vs. DC United
THE SITE: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough
THE TIME: 8 p.m.
THE SKINNY: Welcome back… welcome back, welcome back, welcome baaaaaaack… It’s the 2021 home opener, and The Boys In Blue will look to pick up their first home opening win in three years with the Black and Red of DC United in town — and there will be fans in the stands for the first time since last year’s home opener, too!

We’re underway at Gillette, thank you for joining us on the Soccer Sentinel. Your starting lineups and benches are now available, and your match notes are available below the main feed. Updates are periodic.

1′ Really early corner as Bou’s shot is deflected over into the Optum Lounge after 11 seconds.

3′ Mora is down after incidental contact by Bye.

5′ Traustason is taken down by Hines-Ike, hip-checked him… no card, it looks.

6′ Corner to the Revs… and another after Gressel deflects Bou’s shot over the end line. Third corner for New England.

7′ Nice moves by Gil, but he gets the ball taken away from him… and the Revs get the ball back…. and a giveaway by Buksa in the box. Wrong decision on the pass.

8′ Reeeeeeally nice headed lay-off by Buksa there for Bou. And Bou tried to connect with Buksa with the off the ball run, but it’s too long.

12′ At this point last week, New England was two goals down. I’ll take this.

14′ Good playing of the advantage, and Bou’s pass was too long to Buksa.

18′ Mafla with a hard tackle on Canouse. Right into the hiney.

19′ Corner to DC.

21′ Good tracking by Kaptoum to slow DC down, but United gets the ball back to midfield…

23′ Shot by Flores goes into The Fort.

24′ Canouse is booked after he roughs Polster down. Polster is playing REALLY well tonight. First booking this evening.

26′ Guido Gonzales Jr giving Yamil Asad a talking to and tells him to calm down and cut it out. Little telling off.

29′ Gil on the counter, he lofts it into the Optum Lounge. No shots on target yet.

30′ Free kick for the Revs after Traustason is taken down… Bou takes it, it’s powerful, but right on Seitz.

32′ Traustason is booked on a late tackle on Hines-Ike. And the fans don’t like that.

33′ Corner to DC.

34′ Farrell with a goal-saving challenge to deny DC and Sorga the ball and the goal. Huge.

40′ Corner to DC.

44′ Flores with a shot into the Fort. DC has had much more of the ball recently.

45′ One minute minimum added on.


Sweens’ Halftime Thoughts and some numbers:

Yup, DC has made adjustments and has had more of the ball in the last quarter-hour. First 25-30 minutes to the Revs. The offenses haven’t gotten going, but I think the midfield has played well.

52.6 percent possession

3 shots, 1 on-target (Bou’s free kick right on Seitz); 2/0 for DC

74.8 percent passing accuracy

Second Half Underway

48′ GOAL REVOLUTION, and it’s an own goal! Brandon Bye with the deep service from the flank, and Brendan Hines-Ike, for the second straight week, thumps it in. Bye was looking to find Bou. 1-nil.

53′ Shot by Traustason, right on Seitz.

54′ Mafla off, De La Garza makes his Revolution debut.

56′ Kaptoum with the move, Bou with the accidental lay-off, and Gil with the curler just wide of the far post in front of the Fort.

57′ BUKSA. WIDE. SAME POST. And another big play for Kaptoum to set that up.

58′ Moreno is booked… corner to the Revolution.

60′ Kaptoum is booked.

63′ Kaptoum’s night is over, Tommy McNamara coming on.

67′ Attacking throw, New England… and Gil is dragged down, no call. Seriously?

68′ Gah. Farrell with a near own goal, off the woodwork. Corner to DC.

69′ Canouse with the header, right at Matty Coolhands. Three changes for DC now. Smith for Sorga, Perez for Moreno, and Robertha for Asad.

71′ Free kick Revs trickles through, Seitz gets it. Revs have a shout for handling.

72′ No handle.

75′ Good attempt after Gil with an interception, passes to Bou, but he fiddles and diddles, loses and recovers, tries to feed Buksa, but they cannot connect.

80′ Farrell is booked.

81′ Traustason is down at the mo… and is up. Buchanan coming on for him. Traustason gets a nice hand.

82′ Corner to the Revs after Buchanan gets free with room to motor.

83′ Kessler pleading for a pen after he gets dragged down at the top of the 6… no penalty.

85′ Polster with a block in the box…. and that’s a foul, or should be, on Brilliant.

87′ Big header away by Kessler on Gressel’s cross. Corner to DC.

89′ Buksa is booked. Guido’s losing the plot a bit here.

90′ Five minutes minimum added on at the end.

90+4′ Hines-Ike goes into the book for a horrid take-down of Buchanan.

90+5′ Corner to the Revs

Full time

For the Revs:

Turner; Mafla, Kessler, Farrell, Bye; Kaptoum, Polster; Traustason, Gil, Bou; Buksa
Bench: Knighton, Bell, De La Garza, Boateng, Caldwell, McNamara, Bunbury, Buchanan, Kizza

Three changes in the XI, with Christian Mafla, Wilfrid Kaptoum, and Arnór Traustason getting their first starts and, for two of them, minutes with the Revolution.

For DC United:

Sietz; Brilliant, Hines-Ike, Mora, Alfaro; Moreno, Canouse; Flores, Asad, Gressel; Sorga
Bench: Kempin, Felipe, Perez, Smith, Robertha, Nyeman

DeJuan Jones is unavailable due to red card suspension, and Luis Caicedo is questionable (lower body). Those are the only names on the Revs’ injury report.

The DC injury report, though, is a tad more involved…

The Revs are unbeaten in their last six against DC United going back to August 2019. New England is 30-34-15 since 1996 against DC, with 19 wins in Foxborough, including the 2020 season’s penultimate match.

New England is unbeaten in 14 of the last 15 home openers (7-1-6).

The Revs’ DP trio is expected to play in front of fans for the first time ever tonight. Only Gustavo Bou and Adam Buksa played in the 2020 home opener as Carles Gil was out with injury in the 1-1 draw against Chicago on Mar. 7, 2020. That was then, this is now.

Buksa has scored three of his seven goals in MLS against DC United. Tonight would be his 25th appearance in MLS.

The Revs are 10-0-7 when Bou scores during his season and a half-plus in Foxborough.

Matt Polster sits on 98 career appearances in MLS.

Matt Turner is 4-1-2 against DC United and is looking for his 25th career victory overall tonight.

DC United are 1-2-0 on April 24 in team history.

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