New England Revolution Revs II

Final: Forward Madison 4, Revolution II 0 — Flamingos with fourth straight win

WHO: Revolution II vs. Forward Madison
WHERE: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Mass.
WHEN: 7 p.m.
WHAT’S UP: Los Revitos have a toughie on their hands as they take on the Flamingos of Forward Madison, one of the hottest clubs in the league, in USL League One play tonight.

We’re underway from Gillette. Your starting lineups and benches are live, and your match notes are below the live feed. Updates are periodic.

1′ Verfurth with a clearance. That’s one. Paulo got in.

3′ Rice with the save after Paulo’s shot puts him into a dive. Paulo intercepted an offline pass by Bell.

6′ Sinclair offside. Revs trying to feed him mainly to the left of center, or right down the Flamingos’ throat.

8′ All the players are now at the center circle taking a knee.

10′ Back underway.

11′ Free kick to the Revs out on the flank. Rivera is over the football…. Mendonça keeps it in, but Madison kicks it out for a throw-in. Really athletic move by Mendonça, too.

14′ Big chance for Madison as Banks puts a try over the bar. Some lax defending as Paulo, Jr. had a lot of space to move, Shimazaki had shifted and yielded space.

20′ Rivera gets under one and sends it into the Banner End.

21′ Biiiig clearance by Mendonça! First time I see Madison work the right, and Mendonça with the clearance near the penalty area… Madison gets the ball back, Vang boots Paulo’s pass into the Lighthouse Tunnel.

25′ Verfurth with a sliding stop after Paulo, Jr. beats Shimazaki again. It’s a corner.

28′ RICE! Huge save as Banks heads to tuck it under the crossbar. Paulo Jr with the service. And it’s a corner to Madison… which is offline and over the bar.

30′ Corner to Madison as a shot deflects off Bell. Mendonça with a takeaway, but Madison got it back.

31′ It’ll be the first Revs II corner after Firmino starts a counter, Sinclair gets it in the box, but he can’t find an opening.

32′ Hydration break.

34′ Back underway…. Banks goes down in the box, shouts for a penalty fall on deaf ears.

35′ Sinclair with a decent shot, bounces into the keeper’s arms.

39′ GOAL FORWARD MADISON, and it’s Michael Vang with his second of the season. Lots of blame on this: Rice’s restart goes to Maciel, Maciel not paying attention to Vang, who picks his pocket, dribbles in, and chips Rice. 1-nil to the Flamingos.

40′ Sinclair drives it to the banners.

41′ OFFSIDE. Paulo keeps the ball going after Skimazaki slides, slips through, the shot goes off the woodwork, but a Madison player was in the goal.

43′ Mendonça to the rescue after Paulo goes after Shimazaki… and Mendonça tries to get fancy, ball goes over for a corner.

45′ Shimazaki wins it from Paulo, Jr. on the touch line. Four minutes minimum added on.

45+3′ Vang has a go from distance, but nowhere close to being on target…. other way, Rivera with a side footer, the Madison keeper into a dive for the save.


Sweens’ Halftime Thoughts and some numbers:

First thought: Outside of Verfurth and Rice, Mendonça is the best player on the pitch for New England. He’s harassing the midfielders and really help on set pieces to keep the ball alive.

You have to feel for Shimazaki, he’s being repeatedly picked on by Paulo, Jr. You have to wonder if Clint Peay will sub him off for Colby Quinones and move Spaulding to right back and see if Spaulding’s physicality can slow Paulo, Jr. down.

Revs II with 44.7 percent possession, 83.1 percent passing accuracy

5 shots, 2 on target. Madison with 10 shots, 3 on target.

Second Half Underway. Revs II headed toward The Fort.

46′ Quick save by Rice…. other way, Tsicoulias with a neat lay-off from Sinclair, he finds Rivera, but the Madison defense comes in to deflect it for a corner.

52′ Corner to Madison…. half volley on the set piece goes into the Optum Lounge.

58′ Banks with a shot, right to Rice… comes after a turnover. Rivera looks disinterested.

60′ Indirect free kick at the top of the 6 for a back pass on the Revs. Rice saying it was deflected by Paulo, Jr.

61′ GOAL FORWARD MADISON. Good lord. Trimmingham takes it off the roll, he pings it in off the wall, and it’s 2-nil to the Flamingos. It’s an own goal off Verfurth.

63′ Bell with the block on Vang.

65′ Free kick to the Revs.

67′ Shimazaki clangs heads with Paulo, Jr.

68′ Malango and Fujiwara coming on for Revs II, Tsicoulias and Mendonça coming off. Avolle on for Madison.

70′ Corner to the Revs.

72′ Hello, Ryan Spaulding. He steps into the passing lane for the intercept, Firmino back heels to him, and he rushes into space. His cross goes right to the keeper. Very nice by Spaulding.

74′ Corner to Madison.

76′ Hydration break.

77′ Back underway.

78′ Ryan Spaulding’s mom is now following me on Twitter. Just thought you’d want to know.

79′ Maciel with a driiiiive, deflected wide, it’s a corner.

80′ Shimazaki with his one shot from distance for the night goes into The Fort.

82′ Shimazaki with another one, that’s wide.

83′ Big save for Rice, as Paulo, Jr. had a header right to him after a neat switch of the attack… corner to the Revs at the other side.

84′ ALMOST for Fujiwara! He side foots it toward the far post, but the keeper makes the play…. other way, another save by Rice, this time on Cox.

87′ Quinones on for Shimazaki. He’s had a tough night. Presley on for Sinclair.

88′ GOAL FORWARD MADISON, and it’s Ovolle, the newcomer from Toronto, and he annihilates the ball into the net. 3-nil.

90′ Five minutes minimum added on here at the end.

90+1′ GOAL FORWARD MADISON, and its Wojcik on the turnover by Verfurth. 4-nil.

90+4′ Save by Rice.


For Revs II:

Rice; Spaulding, Bell, Verfurth, Shimazaki; Firmino, Maciel, Mendonça; Rivera, Sinclair, Tsicoulias
Bench: Meyer, Metsack, Quinones, H. Fujiwara, Louis, Presley, Malango

A few changes for the Revs as Spaulding takes over to Quinones, Mendonça for Angking, Rivera replaces Malango, and Tsicoulias makes his League One debut. Joe Rice also in for Meyer.

For the Flamingos:

Marceta; Jiro, Tobin, Trimmingham, Diaz; Banks, Leonard, Smart; Paulo, Jr., Wojcik, Vang
Bench: Brady, Lockaby, Fernandes, Bennett, Ovalle, Cox, Fusion

Madison has won three straight, including a 3-1 win over Orlando City B two weeks ago. They did not play last weekend, as they protested the Jacob Blake shooting.

Two new names to the Revs II injury list: Academy product Morris Matthews is listed as OUT, while Isaac Angking is listed as questionable. Angking’s absence is distressing, as he has scored two of New England’s five goals.

Madison’s Brandon Eaton and Eli Lockaby were teammates at Virginia Commonwealth with Joe Rice and Ryo Shimazaki.

Madison goalkeeper Brandon Barnes was Angking’s teammate when the latter went on loan to Charlotte last year.

Revs assistant Marcelo Santos coached Madison’s Louis Bennett II at Marquette.

Revs goalkeeper Keegan Meyer was teammates last year with Madison defender Gustavo Fernandez at Ocean City Nor’easters in USL League Two.

Rice currently is third in League One for saves made with 19.

Collin Verfurth leads the league in clearances with 33. Madison’s Connor Tobin is tied for third in that category with 31.

Colby Quinones leads current Academy products with 341 minutes. We’re expecting that to go up by 90 this evening.

Madison could move into fourth with a win, while Revs II could move up to seventh.

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