New England Revolution Revs II

Final: Revolution II 2, Union Omaha 0 — Rennicks opens his League One account, Firmino wraps it up

WHO: Revolution II at Union Omaha
WHERE: Werner Park, Papillion, Nebraska.
WHEN: 8 p.m.
WHAT’S UP: The first-ever opponent of Revs II is the next opponent, and it’s out in the Cornhusker State. Los Revitos are looking to snap a four-match losing skid.

We’re underway in the Heartland. Your starting lineups and benches are live, and your match notes are below the running feed. Updates are periodic.

1′ Nice attack by Revs II as Sinclair tries to feed Rennicks, just out of reach. Mendonça with the first feed.

2′ Bad error in the back by Omaha that Firmino pounces on… but Nuhu also pounces.

6′ Close by Omaha, the header onto the right field berm.

9′ Shot by Rennicks, blocked in the box. Good tracking back by Maciel to get that started.

10′ Mendonça with a giveaway… Maciel thwarts it at the top of the box.

11′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and yup, it’s Justin Rennicks! Joe Rice corrals a volley and has great distribution to Sinclair. He released Rennicks, who took a brilliant first touch. The finish, he slotted home. 1-nil.

15′ Foul after Sinclair holds up play…. free kick, Bell with the header onto the roof of the net.

16′ Firmino is offside.

17′ Presley with a nice sliding stop out on the flank…. another free header by Nfor in front of goal. Over the bar.

20′ Quinones tries to feed Firmino, but it’s too long and Nuhu sends it the other way… Spaulding with a stop at the other end.

25′ Corner to Omaha as Los Buhos tries to get past Spaulding.

28′ Foul on Mendonça.

29′ Foul by Spaulding. Free kick about 25 yards out.

31′ Shot by Vanacore-Decker squibs and curls, stays in.

32′ Hydration Break.

34′ Back underway.

36′ Big save Nuhu on that shot by Firmino.

37′ Quinones gets a telling off.

39′ Free kick for Revs II… too long.

41′ Rice with a punch on Contreras.

42′ Sinclair gets a telling off.

44′ Shot by Rennicks deflected right to Nuhu.

45′ RICE. Big save on Conway to tip it over the bar, it’s a corner. One minute minimum added on.


Sweens’ Halftime Thoughts and some numbers:

Really impressed with what we’ve seen on both sides, offensively and defensively. Some swarming team defending on the smaller pitch… and that’s been a detriment, too, the pitch size. A lot of volleys from the midfield were too long.

New England with only 44.4 percent of the ball so far. 67 percent passing accuracy. 62 percent in Omaha’s half.

Five shots, three on-target.

Second Half Underway

47′ Left footer by Omaha, wide. Revs had to swarm to get back to defend.

49′ Offside on Sinclair.

50′ Free kick for Omaha after Presley comes up with the foul…. SAVE RICE.

51′ Corner to Omaha.

52′ Nfor with the penalty shout as he goes down after he tangles with Quinones. Falls on deaf ears…. at the other end, Firmino taken down at the edge of the box, earns a free kick.

53′ OMG. No goal as the referee calls for offside. Firmino had a world class goal just taken away from him.

55′ Allegedly obstruction on Rennicks. Replay showed him nowhere near the play. That’s crap.

57′ Sinclair is booked.

60′ Spaulding gets tied up with Vanacore-Decker…. and Tyler David, formerly with Hartford, is cautioned.

61′ Mendonça with the shot, Nuhu with the save.

62′ ANOTHER shot by Mendonça, saved by Nuhu.

64′ Hauswirth getting some treatment…. and he’s coming off. Scearce checks in for him. Sousa in, too, for David.

65′ Vanacore-Decker doing his best Penilla impression. Skies it.

66′ Firmino with an off-balance shot, saved…. other way, Spaulding and Vanacore-Decker get tied up again in the box.

68′ Nfor with another header over the bar.

69′ Another shot, another save by Rice. That was right at him by Vanacore-Decker. Hard one, too.

70′ Rivera in for Sinclair. Good shift by the Costa Rican loanee tonight.

72′ Corner to Omaha.

74′ Foul on Rennicks as he tracked back. Free kick Omaha out on the flank…. Contreras off, Knutson on.

75′ Free kick goes into the third base dugout…. Omaha gets it back, Vanacore-Decker shoots wide.

76′ Hydration.

78′ Back…. Vanacore-Decker blazes over the bar again.

80′ Fifth and final sub for Omaha. Panchot for Nfor.

81′ Corner Omaha.

82′ Whistles before Omaha put it in the net. Breathe.

83′ Free kick to the Revs as Spaulding is taken down… and Joe Malfa with a good point, the flare smoke is getting into Nuhu’s eyes.

84′ Firmino puts it into the berm.

86′ Hamana hamana hamana. Net ripples… but it was the side netting. Nice strike by Crull, though.

87′ Wide by Panchot, Rennicks’ Indiana teammate. Getting closer.

88′ Scearce is booked after he fouls Rivera.

89′ Rivera still down. He took a boot to the leg. Tsicoulias coming on for Presley. His second appearance. Rivera’s up.

90′ Five minutes minimum added on. STRAIGHT RED. Vanacore-Decker is off after he hip-checks Firmino.

90+2′ Vanacore-Decker is still on the sideline… and now he shows how tough he is by shoving a defenseless rubbish barrel.

90+6′ Malango on for Rennicks.

90+7′ Rice with a saaaave.

90+8′ Corner to Omaha…. other way….

90+8′ GOAL REVOLUTION II, and it’s Firmino on the 3 on 1! He slots home. That’s the game, 2-nil.

For Revs II:

Rice; Spaulding, Bell, Verfurth, Quinones; Maciel, Firmino, Mendonça; Presley, Sinclair, Rennicks
Bench: Meyer, Metsack, Shimazaki, Silva, Rivera, Tsicoulias, Malango

For Union Omaha:

Nuhu; Crull, Aune, Osumanu, Hauswirth; David, Contreras, Boyce; Conway, Nfor, Vanacore-Decker
Bench: Panchot, Knutson, Molina, Scearce, Ibisevic, Howard, Sousa

No new injuries for Revs II.

New England has scored one goal during this four-match losing skid and have been outscored, 11-1. Revs II are currently on a 135-minute scoreless skid.

Omaha is up to third in USL League One at 4-1-4. It is coming off a 2-nil defeat to Chattanooga on Tuesday.

This is the 10th match for Revs II, and the trio of Nicolas Firmino, Jon Bell, and Maciel are at nine starts.

Joe Rice is now at 38 saves to lead the league.

Nine different players for Omaha have scored at least one goal; that leads the league in terms of spreading out the goals. Ethan Vanacore-Decker and Evan Conway have scored two goals apiece.

Omaha midfielder Tyler David played with Hartford Athletic last season.

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