New England Revolution Revs II

Final: Chattanooga Red Wolves 4, Revolution II 0 — A disastrous result for New England

WHO: Revolution II at Chattanooga Red Wolves
WHERE: CHI Memorial Stadium, Chattanooga, Tenn.
WHEN: 1 p.m.
WHAT’S UP: It’s a bottom of the League One table six-pointer! Revs II looks to make it two in a row following their historic win earlier this week when it heads south to take on Chattanooga for a Saturday matinee.

We are underway. Your starting lineups and benches are live, and your match notes are below the running feed. Updates are periodic, every 15 minutes.

1′ Both teams taking a knee for the first seven minutes of the football match. Revs II striker Orlando Sinclair took the opening kick and boomed it toward the near touchline, then took a knee with everyone outside of the midway circle.

5′ Well, for the first 4:30. Players stretching, getting last-second instructions now. This protest is almost over and it will be time for football.

8′ Chattanooga tosses it in and it’s time to play.

11′ Verfurth with a sliding tackle, this one in the box, and he times it well and knocks it away from Zacarias. Corner to the Red Wolves.

12′ GOAL CHATTANOOGA, and it’s Zacarias on the header. He catches Meyer out of position, and he tucks it in at the far post. Beautiful service, too. 1-nil to Chattanooga.

13′ A quick near-answer for the Revs as Sinclair comes close. Corner to the Revs.

18′ Corner to the Red Wolves.

19′ Solid counter by the Revs, but they can’t string the final pass together.

21′ Shot by Spaulding — or a cross toward Sinclair, whichever — taken by the Chattanooga keeper. Good escapeability by Firmino in the moments ahead when the Red Wolves closed down on him.

24′ Big save by Meyer as Chattanooga has a wild sequence where they hit the post, Verfurth has a block… offside on Chatty, though…. other way, Sinclair can’t score.

27′ Wide for Sinclair as Firmino finds him, he fires wide…. other way, Rodriguez bangs high and wide, but Verfurth deflects it. Almost lost Colby.

28′ ALMOST by Ricketts on that corner. Hits just wide of the far post. That was really close.

29′ 2-0 GOAL CHATTANOOGA and it’s Marky Hernandez with his second goal. Hurst on the assist. Hurst blows by Shimizaki and then Verfurth, feeds Hernandez, and its a tap-in. 2-nil to Chattanooga.

34′ Quinones draws a foul just outside the box on the flank. Free kick to the Revs…. Angking puts it into the side netting. Good attempt to curl it.

35′ Hydration break.

38′ Back underway…. and GOAL CHATTANOOGA. Hernandez again. Holy moly, this is disastrous. Chattanooga finds Hernandez as they split Verfurth and Bell, Bell wants the flag, doesn’t get it. Meyer comes out, Hernandez takes a touch, and he slips it home. 3-nil.

42′ Save Meyer as Hernandez kicks it right to him after the turnover by Quinones.

43′ Malango pulls it wide. Revs II just don’t look good offensively right now.

45′ Zacarias is offside…. three minutes minimum added on.

45+2′ Shimizaki with a shot that landed somewhere in the vicinity of I-75. Not even a Row Z Special. Row Triple Zzzzzzzzzz, maybe. With the exception of the counterattacking, awful soccer by Revs II in the first 45.


Sweens’ Halftime Thoughts:

That was god awful. Poor defending, poor execution up top. Just dreadful.

The numbers: 55.6 percent possession, but they did nothing with it.

5 shots, none on-target. 82.7 percent passing accuracy, but 71.4 percent accurate in the Red Wolves’ half.

Second Half Underway

46′ Damien Rivera in, Malango out.

47′ Quinones with a foul. The youngser sets up a free kick out on the flank.

48′ MEYER. Off the line. A diving header by Ricketts. Almost 4-nil. Good positioning by Meyer or else it would have been 4-nil.

50′ Hurst blazes over after Chatty tries a training ground pass.

53′ Corner to Chattanooga as the Red Wolves just keep coming.

54′ Almost for Hernandez.

56′ Corner to Chattanooga after the giveaway by Shimizaki. And they are picking on him out on the left.

57′ Folla goes into the book for a rash challenge.

58′ Firmino with a shot that goes over the bar. Probably the closest Revs II have come to scoring.

60′ Good bail out by Bell after Spaulding comes up with a dispossession but can’t maintain possession.

63′ Almost for Angking as he spins and tries to find the near post, just wide. Revs II getting closer?

65′ Presley for Spaulding. Second sub for Revs II.

66′ That was wide by Chattanooga.

67′ Beattie coming on for Hernandez. Beattie was Chattanooga’s best offensive player last season… Doyle in for Ualefi.

69′ ALMOST for Hurst. Revs II gives the ball away near the midway line, Hurst does it all himself, and he just barely missed Chattanooga’s fourth of this matinee.

70′ Mendonça on for Angking. Mendonça brings the pain in the midfield? Souza for Quinones, Metsack on for Verfurth. That’s all the subs for Revs II today.

76′ We’re in the hydration break.

78′ Back underway. Shouts for handling on the Revs, looks like it will be a corner to Chattanooga.

79′ Meyer with a save.

83′ Pineda on for Hurst.

85′ Almost for Pineda on Ruiz’s cross. Bell almost got a foot on it.

88′ GOAL CHATTANOOGA, and it’s Beattie. 4-nil, thanks for coming. Beattie was completely, positively unmarked, and Pineda is credited with the assist.

90′ Three minutes minimum added on.

90+2′ Zacarias is booked for a professional foul on Presley.


For Revs II:

Meyer; Shimizaki, Verfurth, Bell, Quinones; Maciel, Angking, Firmino; Spaulding, Sinclair, Malango
Bench: Rice, Metsack, Souza, H. Fujiwara, Mendonça, Presley, Rivera

Interesting. Two changes from midweek as Keegan Meyer comes into goal for his second appearance in three matches, replacing Joe Rice, while Ryan Spaulding looks to have moved up. He replaces Connor Presley.

For Chattanooga:

Mangels; Ruiz, Ramos, Folla, Ricketts; Ualefi, Dieterich, Soto; Hernandez, Zacarias, Hurst
Bench: Trilk, Uzo, Jaimes, Beattie, Nicklaw, Doyle, Pineda

A quick look at the standings sees Revs II move up to 10th with the win over Greenville from Wednesday, while the Red Wolves are currently ninth. Both are tied on five points, who whomever wins this afternoon gets a nice boost in the table.

This is the first of two meetings between the two sides, and first meeting in 12 days: Chattanooga will come north to Foxborough for a mid-week clash at Gillette on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Chattanooga’s man to watch is Greg Hurst, who leads the league with five goals; Chattanooga has scored six goals total this season. He’s had nine shots on-target to 14 shots total, so whomever is in goal for the Revs should expect to be busy.

Chattanooga, though, is winless in its last three.

So far, 14 players have made pro debuts for Revs II, including Academy players.

Chattanooga lists Eamon Zayed (torso), and Ami Pineda (lower body) as being out for Saturday.

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