New England Revolution Revs II

Final: Orlando City B 2, Revs II 0 — New England’s USL side down to 10 men

WHO: Revolution II vs. Orlando City B
WHEN: Friday, Aug. 7, 7 p.m.
WHERE: Gillette Stadium
WHAT’S UP: It’s been a long two weeks, but Revs II are back in action tonight when they host Orlando City’s second team.

We’re underway at Gillette. Your starting lineups and benches are live underneath the live feed, and your match notes are below.

1′ Giveaway in the midfield for the Revs. Looks like it was by Angking.

3′ Close for Malango, as his half volley on the bounce goes over the bar.

4′ Angking’s through ball to Malango is to Aviza. Came after a Firmino takeaway.

8′ Revs are pinned back in their own defending third, and Rice’s pass to the flank goes out of play for an OCB throw.

9′ Rice with a corral after OCB’s Tablante dispossesses Malango…. the other way, the Revs earn a corner.

10′ Into that OCB back line that played well despite a 2-nil defeat earlier in the week to South Georgia. New England will need to get aerial service into the box to Malango and Sinclair.

13′ Angking with the dispossession.

14′ Lazy! Malango is dispossessed rather easily, no protection.

16′ Shimizaki getting looked over right now. He took a whack.

18′ Good cross by Spaulding into the box to Sinclair but it’s offline.

20′ Good ideas as Angking looks for Firmino, but it’s just too long and wide… out of the goal kick, love the pressure by Revs II.

21′ Tablante gets a telling off for a foul from behind on Angking.

23′ Bad choices by Sinclair as he tried to do it all himself after shaking off three defenders… he had Malango trailing and should have slipped it over. Instead, easy save for Aviza.

24′ Malango offside.

27′ Nice ideas by Rivera to take it right to the end line and tries to thread the needle, but OCB pops it over for a corner… Angking gets air on it to Verfurth, deflected over for another corner.

29′ Shimazaki with a hard tackle into OCB’s Rivera. He gets carded.

30′ Hydration break. Revs II with 54.8 percent possession through the first half an hour. Five shots, one on target for the Revs. No shots for OCB.

33′ Back underway.

34′ Malango with a sharp cross, but no one in Navy Blue can get to it.

37′ Corner to the Revs…. OFF THE LINE. Rivera with the shot, blocked… and the other way, RED CARD Shimizaki. Revs II down to 10 men.

41′ Tablante gets his name taken down for… you guessed it… a foul on Angking…. shot by Rivera, deflected for a corner.

42′ Foul. Goal kick for OCB.

44′ Shot by OCB, right to Rice. He took a step to the left.

45′ Five minutes minimum added on.

45+1 Another corner for Revs II after Spaulding’s cross is parried by Aviza, and kicked over.

45+4′ Free kick just inside the corner for the Revs as Rivera is fouled.


First half thoughts:

Malango is good, but he needs to tighten up on the dispossessions. The offense needs to get into better positions to score.

Shimazaki needs to take lessons from Scott Caldwell on how to play a long time on a yellow. He went nine minutes. That’s poor.

I like the flashes of brilliance out of Rivera.

55.5 percent possession for the Revs. 8 shots, 2 on-target.

Second half underway

46′ Guske out, Ozeri in for OCB.

48′ OFFSIDE. Firmino just offside after Angking tries to slide it to him.

49′ Shot by Orlando blazes into the Banner End.

51′ SO CLOSE for OCB…. a grazer by Kennedy goes just wide of the far post.

53′ Several tries by the Revs to score, including a stop by Aziva on his knees on Angking. Great vision by Sinclair to thread the needle to Malango to start that sequence.

57′ SAVE RICE. Tablante had a left footer, and that was looking for the far post. But Rice with the dive and the save. Huge to keep this scoreless.

58′ Rivera is down… he’s limping, right ankle.

60′ Corner to OCB from the Rice save, and that comes to nothing. Presley in for Angking.

61′ Big shot from distance by OCB, Rice up to the challenge to smack it down.

63′ That’s at least the third time that Malango has been dispossessed by lackadaisical touches on the part of the Lowell resident.

66′ GOAL ORLANDO CITY B. 16-year-old Wilfredo Rivera scores, unmarked, behind Ryan Spaulding. He heads it in, and it’s 1-nil to OCB.

69′ Corner to the Revs. Tiago Mendonça in for Rivera. Good shift by the youngster.

75′ Giveaway in the area of Presley leads to another heavy left footer by Tablante. Dude has a left foot resembling a bazooka.

77′ Bloch on for Spaulding. Third Revs II sub. Trevor Burns makes his second appearance, this time for Maciel. Fourth.

82′ Gluvacevic on for Monticelli.

84′ Another shot by Tablante. Revs II leaving him unmarked. That shot, thankfully, went toward the Banner End as it blazed over.

85′ Tablante is offside. If New England’s defense can’t slow him down, the AR will.

86′ Mendonça gets bulldogged in his own penalty area.

87′ And now Mendonça is yellowed for a foul.

89′ Nice play by Presley to chip under pressure, Malango collides with Aziva.

90′ Six minutes minimum added on.

90+1′ GOAL ORLANDO CITY. 18-year-old Kenji Tanaka, a 78th-minute sub, takes Tablante’s pass and he buries it at the near post. 2-nil, and that’s the three points wrapped up for the Little Lions.


For Revs II:

Rice; Spaulding, Bell, Verfurth, Shimazaki; Angking, Maciel, Rivera; Malango, Sinclair, Firmino
Bench: Meyer, Quinones, Bloch, Burns, Silva, Mendonca, Presley

So a few changes for Revs II, with three first team Homegrowns getting the start, with Nicolas Firmino and Isaac Angking in the midfield with Damian Rivera up on that front line along with Lowell’s Mayele Malango.

For Orlando City B:

Aviza; O’Callaghan, Monticelli, Rodas, Williams; Tablante, Guske, Rosales, Quintero; Rivera, Kennedy
Bench: Gluvacevic, Ozeri, Tanaka, Aguilera, Otero

Both Dennis Ramirez and Simon Lekressner are listed as OUT on the Revs II injury report with undisclosed injuries. Ramirez was listed as out two weeks ago ahead of the club’s maiden tilt with Union Omaha.

It’s a homecoming for two members of the Orlando City side: Marcelo Neveleff, the head coach of OCB, was one of Brad Friedel’s deputies here in Foxborough, and Medway native Austin Aviza is an OCB goalkeeper who developed in the Revs Academy system. Aviza went to Providence College and played alongside Tiago Mendonca.

Revs II striker Connor Presley and OCB defender Juan Pablo Monticelli played together in the FC Dallas system.

Goalkeeper Joe Rice made the USL Team of the Week two weeks ago.

Isaac Angking is listed on the roster for Revs II this week.

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