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Allow me to re-introduce myself….

Ah, let me stretch out a bit here in my new digs…

Hello, and welcome to the Bay State Soccer Sentinel, a new website dedicated to covering the world’s game here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I’m Sean Sweeney. Remember me?

Yeah, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s been a while since I’ve penned a story regarding pro soccer and the building of the Revolution’s 2020 roster back in November, before I fell somewhat off the grid; I still tweeted about the club, but wasn’t writing. Maybe I’ll address that and maybe I won’t, but I’m back now and ready to deliver for you, the soccer fan of Massachusetts and the surrounding area as I always have.

One of the things I want to do with this site are some of the things I wasn’t really allowed to do with my last employer, which is provide coverage to not only the Revolution, but also for the lower league soccer teams in Mass. that don’t generally get a lot of press, such as Boston City FC, Greater Lowell, and the UPSL teams. Not only that — did you know there is a Division 2 women’s soccer team in Worcester? Yup, there is, and I want to tell their stories, too.

But there’s more.

We here at the Bay State Soccer Sentinel want to bring top-level NWSL women’s soccer back to the Boston area. Obviously, I’m not the millionaire to do that, but I would like to see the Breakers return — and cover them just like I cover the Revolution.

And what about the fans of the Premier League, those who are generally underserved by Massachusetts news entities? Well, look no further. While we won’t be on the ground in England — that would be expensive, wouldn’t it? — we’ll have coverage of England’s best games for you, and providing opinion with a hardened Massachusetts edge.

The same with the US national teams, both men and women. The same type of coverage. Stuff you’d usually have to go to a national source to receive, you’d get it from a local, Massachusetts-based source. Not a bad deal.

So here’s the big thing: how can you support this endeavor? You’ll notice that we will have no ads, and that’s because I don’t want your viewing experience marred by those pesky panels interrupting your reading. No, we will be supported 100 percent by you, via Patreon subscriptions (here’s the link in case you haven’t subscribed yet; remember those offers of Venmo’d cash and beer back in May 2019? Now’s the time to cash those in). There are several different levels of patronage — there’s no pressure to go directly to the highest tier if you don’t want to; only want match reports? There’s a tier for that — and we thank you for supporting our efforts to bring quality independent soccer coverage to you. At the moment, the paywall is down, and it will be until after the new year. Take a spin around the site; there will be plenty more stories coming down the pipe.

How will we cover these teams? News is important, of course. We want to cover the news, and we will have plenty of content for you. Breaking news will ALWAYS be free at BSSS. We’ll tell you what the other writers are writing about as part of our Corner Kicks morning update (should there be anything, of course). We’ll break matches down. We’ll be your voice, asking the tough questions, and being fair about it. We’ll have a Monday morning column running every week during the season, as well as periodic columns in the offseason, too. We’ll have the match scene setters, previewing the weekend in soccer. And plenty more where that comes from.

Well… there’s not too much more to say. Looks like it’s time to let the content flow… and as I always say, we’ll see you from Blue Level.

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  1. Congratulations you are amazing I know I could never do what you do it takes a special talent baseball is the only game I understand so you exceed in sports knowledge it’s great you get to have a job you know and love so here’s to having many years of success love you cousin

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